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Biscuits are a variety of quick breads popular in different forms throughout the world. They are made from a combination of flour, shortening, leavening and milk or water. This simple dough is generally rolled out, cut into small rounds, baked and served hot. Food preferences and ingredients in various regions of the country often determine what type of biscuit is preferred. For instance, People in the North enjoy tall, tender flaky biscuits; people from the South like biscuits with a soft, tender crumb.

Cream biscuits

Cream biscuits generally refer to sandwich biscuits, where two crispy biscuits are sandwiched with flavoured cream or icing. The biscuits are dry, crunchy, light brown in colour and come in square or round shapes. They are thick as the flavoured cream is sandwiched between two biscuits.


We have been manufacturing, trading, exporting and contract manufacturing candies and toffees for over 25 years now.

By means of our wide range of products we make sure we have something for every taste bud and age. While our State of the art processing and packaging machinery ensures we always deliver unmatched high quality products to you based on your personal packaging requirements , our strong RD team makes sure we bring out innovative products that are not only good for your taste buds but are also safe.

We try to minimize human interference in the manufacturing process by making significant investment in the latest technology and machinery.

Our innovative and timeless products are marketed and sold throughout India and in some countries like UAE, Accra, UK and many more through our export division.